Mission Statement

  • Ostrich Pharmaceuticals mission is “Working to deliver a better life”. We design, develop and commercialize brand name prescription products for niche opportunities in acute & chronic disease markets.
  • Superior market driven products and services.
  • Quality beyond customer expectations.
  • A culture demanding and rewarding high achievement.
  • A passion to succeed.
  • Hiring and retention of the best individuals within the industry.

Vision and Values

Our Vision - Ostrich Pharmaceuticals is a responsible, focused, efficient, innovative and solution-oriented pharmaceutical company. This vision is designed to provide the overall direction for our company. It describes what we need to continue succeeding in the future, based on changes in the marketplace and our capabilities. Our vision helps us set goals based on the potential of our organization and what we hope it will become.

Our Values - Ostrich Pharmaceuticals employees believe the following five values are integral to realizing our Human Health Care mission and achieving our vision: